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Company Introduction

We Manufacture The Highest Quality Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets & Supplies

Foshan Yingfa Plastic Materials Company Limited is a Chinese brand of plastic materials specialized in corrugated plastic roofing sheets, Spanish plastic roofing tiles for Villa, PVC decoration sheets and boards. Our quality of products fulfills international standards of exports. We have highly equipped workshops and production lines which are manufacturing PVC corrugated roofing sheets in hundreds of varieties. Our monthly production is more than 2,000 tons. Quality is our main criteria, and we never compromise on it.

Foshan Yingfa Plastic tops the reliability mark in the production of the roofing plastic sheets. We are exporting our products in many countries of the world. Our corrugated sheets offer enormous benefits in terms of quality, price, and reliability. Our product line is not limited to plastics sheets only; we are also manufacturing plastic roof tiles, PVC walls, PVC Decoration sheets and PVC boards.

We are manufacturing and supplying the following types of plastic roofing sheets:

Square Flutes:

It consists of 2 outside liners, which are separated by small beam made of plastic. Propylene and polyethylene materials of high density are used as standards. The profile is available in different widths and colors. You can also order for a custom size and color of your choice. Different sizes are available from 2mm to 10 mm thickness. 16 different colors are available in this category of corrugated sheets.

Round Flutes:

They consist of 2 outside liners. They resemble very much with the corrugated fiberboard. The liners are connected with the center. These sheets are available in different varieties that distinguish with special additives. These sheets are produced in different tensile strengths.

Plastic Rolls:

Plastic Rolls are made through lamination process. They are made in different forms like sheets, rolls or pads. They are the most suitable option for a construction site in terms of protection perspective. They are useful for shipping purposes usually for wrapping. They are recyclable, hence can be used again and again. They are very much stronger the paper materials.

Characteristics of our Roofing Plastic Sheets:

They are 100% recyclable and can be manufactured from recycled plastic. We have our sheet products ranging in 8 different strengths. They are more durable than corrugated fiberboard. They are Very lightweight. They do not corrode like metal sheets. They are impact resistant. They can even be folded, easily drilled, printed. They are resistive to different types of grease, chemicals etc.

You can always consult our technical support team to help you choose the right building material for roofing. We would love to help you out, just contact us through the live chat window or send your inquiry from the contact us page. If you want to become the part of our distribution circle feel free to ask us any question.